How ColdFog® Works

Understand a ColdFog® System

A ColdFog® system is a completely self-contained system capable of generating man-made water fog for humidification, cooling, special effects and other applications.

The ColdFog®fog system is complete with pump, motor, water filters, control panel, nozzles, tubing, operating manual and water treatment package. Working pressure is 400-3200 psi (adjustable). A typical ColdFog® system is shown below.


We offer the world’s only PATENTED ruby-orifice fog nozzles with 9 kinds of diameters:

    Nozzles   Orifice
in Inches
in Metric
  Flow Rate
at 1000 psi
    ASI-4R   0.0040″   0.11 mm   0.014 gpm
    ASI-45R   0.0045″   0.11 mm   0.017 gpm
    ASI-5R   0.0050″   0.13 mm   0.020 gpm
    ASI-55R   0.0055″   0.14 mm   0.025 gpm
    ASI-6R*   0.0060″   0.15 mm   0.026 gpm
    ASI-8R   0.0080″   0.20 mm   0.046 gpm
    ASI-10R   0.0100″   0.25 mm   0.072 gpm
    ASI-12R   0.0120″   0.30 mm   0.092 gpm
    ASI-15R   0.0150″   0.38 mm   0.120 gpm
  *standard nozzle orifice size:
0.006″(.15mm). gpm = gallon per minute.

The nozzle consists of a 316 stainless steel body with ruby-orifice, 316SS impingement pin and extended polypropylene filter to avoid trapping particles in the base of the nozzle. High-pressure water (400-3200 psi) reaches the nozzle, shooting a fine liquid jet against an impingement pin of equal diameter resulting in the finest atomization possible, atomizing water into billions of 1 to 15 micron droplets like those occurring in natural fog.

Ruby-orifice nozzle spray shown below:

How Cold Fog Works

The degree of atomization (the size of water droplets) produced by a nozzle can be divided into the ranges shown below, comparing with known droplet diameters for different types of precipitation:

Type of Precipitation Size of Droplet (Microns)
Fog 1-30
Mist 30-100
Drizzle 100-300
Light Rain 300-1000
Heavy Rain 1000-5000
Note:    1 = 25,400 Microns (µm)

Using our patented ruby-orifice nozzle, you now get precise flows and predictable fog for your applications. Droplet analysis sheets will be supplied upon request. ASI-6R nozzle droplet analysis shown below,

Why Does the ColdFog® Ruby-Orifice Nozzle Have Such a Long Life?

Brass or ordinary stainless steel orifice nozzles have a relative life, since the passage of water under high pressure will enlarge the orifice in a short period of use. Nozzle wear is characterized by an increase in nozzle flow, followed by a general deterioration of the spray pattern, increased droplet size and loss of system efficiency. ASI ruby-orifice nozzles have Lifetime Unconditional Orifice-Wear Warranty.

Typical Nozzle
Orifice Materials
Approx. Abrasion
Resistance Ratios
Brass 1
Steel 1.5 to 2
Monel 2 to 3
Stainless Steel 4 to 6
Hardened Stainless Steel 10 to 15
Ruby >120