Special Effects

Cold Fog®

Image46A unique method of presenting real fog effects to indoor and outdoor themed environments, such as theme parks, water features, garden & sculpture areas, and landscaping projects is a Cold Fog® System. Fog is created by utilizing the Cold Fog® ruby-orifice nozzles and VFD-controlled pump stations.

Working pressure is typically 1000 psi (70 bar), adjustable between 400-2000 psi (30-137 bar) depending upon fog density requirements.

Cold Fog® Systems include patented ruby-orifice fog nozzles, VFD-controlled pump station, water filtration, nozzle manifolds, water feed lines, and optional zone valves, and water cleaner treatment injecting package. The entire system will function from PLC based controller with a clock timer and minimum 80-hour battery backup built-in, for 24/7 time control and indicating operation status.

Separate areas may operate from the same pump source with motorized ozone valves. This will allow any area or zone to fog independently (cycle ON/OFF by itself).

Image47Cold Fog® ruby-orifice nozzle consists of a 316 stainless steel body with 7/16″ hex and 1/8″ male NPT thread to secure the tapered nozzle threads mechanically and securely within mounting (as opposed to straight threads with ‘O’ ring).


The precise ruby-orifice is swaged into the nozzle body and capable of operating at 3000 psi (210 bar); a hardened impingement-pin of 316SS stainless steel deflects water creating an ever-widening funnel after leaving the orifice.

Each nozzle to be equipped with an easily removed (hard) 5-micron polypropylene or Kynar® filter extending 0.250″ (6.35mm) from the rear of the nozzle to prevent accumulation of dirt within any recessed area. Cold Fog® ruby-orifice nozzles have Lifetime Unconditional Orifice-Wear Warranty.

Cold Fog® Systems are designed for quick and easy installation with special secure/reliable compression fittings.