Fog Fan

Time to Think GREEN about CRITICAL Humidity needs…

  1. 6-nozzle High-pressure Fog-Fan is simple to install, uses little energy and atomizes 83 pounds-per-hour.
  2. A quality fog distribution solution for low-ceiling applications
  3. No compressed air
  4. 36-month Warranty
  5. All stainless steel wetted components
  6. Fan shuts OFF when fogging stops
  7. Check-valve on each nozzle
  8. Fan-forced mixing of fog within the space

coldfog_redfan_Proof_smWeight: 35 pounds (15.8kg)
Color: White, Black, Red
Output: 9.9 GPH (37.6 LPH)
Fuse: Slow blow
Power ON Lamp: Red
Finish: Powder Coat
Voltage: 120/220 VAC @ 2A
Suspension Chains: 36in/1m
Nozzles: stainless
Nozzle Anti-Drip Valve: Yes
Overall Diameter: 19 inches/48 cm
ON/OFF: SS Water Pressure Sensor
Isolation Hose: 36 inches (1 meter)

A quality fog device with outstanding design characteristics. Capable of pushing billions of fogged particles into all areas of your facility for rapid, uniform evaporation & fast recovery from decreasing humidity trends.

High-pressure water is supplied by our low-speed Cold Fog® pump system, and FOG-FAN units arrive on-site totally assembled; just attach electric and water. We operate with less energy consumption than most other methods and our VFD technology, standard on all COLD FOG pump systems, guarantees a ‘soft-start’ on every pump cycle. And COLD FOG systems only come up to the lowest possible operating RPM’s needed to maintain your preset operating pressure.

Our Direct-Drive systems eliminate old fashioned belts and pulleys, operate at less speed, less noise with less vibration. Our electronics are standard with finger-safe components and all components are mounted within water-tight, dust-tight, corrosion-proof enclosures. Specified worldwide for critical cleanroom humidification whenever ±1% accuracy is a must.