Fog Control

Atomizing Systems’ control components are critical to successful performance of the fog system. With standard features ranging from variable-Frequency-Drives to proportional speed control based on feedback of pressure, temperature and humidity sensors; and with optional timing and zone controls. We are prepared to provide just the right level of control for your fog project. All UL approved.

Standard fog control equipment:

  • Enclosure: containing all electrical control devices.  Standard Construction watertight as in corrosion-proof NEMA-4x (aluminum, stainless steel or fiberglass are available as required). We never use painted enclosures or any galvanized metals.
  • VFD: Variable-Frequency-Drive, a programmable AC motor drive, provides motor “soft-start” and optimum (minimum) operating speed, via a built-in speed-pot or up/down keys, to control fog output. Optimizes energy efficiency, audible motor noise and reduces maintenance.  Also provides motor protection for overload, low voltage and short circuit, reduces vibration and heat.
  •  PLC based 18 I/O relay with 4-line display screen, real time digital clock and 100-hour battery back-up. Loaded with our exclusive control program, it provides optimum sequence control on pump station to avoid pump run-dry condition, show system run-time hour-meter and change oil message.
  • User remote-control interface: connected to user’s main control panel for remote start and monitoring.
  • HAND/OFF/AUTO 3-selector switch.
  • 4 pilot lights shown system “Power On”, “Ready”, “Pump Run” and “Fault” .

Protection features shut-down the pump station automatically whenever:

  • No water supply or inlet water pressure is too low (lower than 12.5 psi)
  • FD fault (because of overload or short circuit, etc.)

Standard Control Panel Inside

Standard Control Panel Outside

Optional fog control equipment:

  • Recycle timer: designed to continuously control the pump station On/Off in desired time ranges.
  • Disconnect Switch interlocked with door open.
  • E-Stop.
  • Humidity Control  ± 1% RH: humidistat with a remote humidity sensor & digital display provides On/Off relay to control the pump station based on pre-set value. Adjustable range is 0 to 100% RH.
  • Temperature Control ± 1°F/C°: temperature controller with a remote thermal sensor provides On/Off relay to control the pump station based on pre-set value.

Humidity Controller

Temperature Controller

Motor Starter Enclosure

Multi-VFD Control Sub-Panel

4-Zone Motorized Panel

Local Zone Control
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