Fog Blower




How do you avoid all the problems of supplying a fog of odor-counteractant product and dispersing It over a wide area? Use a totally self-contained Fog Blower system that not only breaks liquids Into ultra-fine and uniform particles (1-15 microns), but also has a built-in 800 CFM (22 m3) blower.

The blower takes the fine fog particles as they leave the nozzle and distributes them Into the atmosphere or duct. The system will siphon from most reservoirs without any special devices.  The unit can operate indoors and outdoors. No other unit gives the excellent atomization with wide output capability and adjustable liquid control for chemical savings.

For warehouses, farms, waste treatment facilities and tank farms. Fog and distribute any oil or water based products. Use of 6″ or 8″ (16 or 20 mm) diameter duct piping,  perforated  with 1 /4″ holes (6.3mm) permits remote distribution of fog over roof-tops, building perimeters and along ponds.


Indoor/outdoor self-contained fogging system siphons from any source, atomizes and disperses fog at 800 CFM!

Built-in compressor and air-atomizing nozzle give maximum adjustable atomization out to large areas.

Liquid spray rate adjustable from 0.1 to 1.3 gallon per hour (0.3 to 4.9 LPH).  Time controlled for MAXIMUM effects at peak periods of the day and to reduce daily liquid consumption.

Low cost: To do the same type of fog operation prior to the Model OC-15 required large air compressors, long pipe runs for air and liquid, days of installation and costly compressor maintenance. All to simply put out a lot of fog over a large area, pond or tank.

The liquid Is totally enclosed and not open to contamination from falling debris or insects (attracted to the various odor neutralizers), no clogging or build-up Is possible. Therefore, a major maintenance problem (as seen with older type and open reservoir systems) Is avoided


  • Dimensions: 27″ X 20″ X 16″ (68 X 51 X 40 cm)
  • Weight: 89 pounds (40 kg)
  • Power: 115/220 V, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Air flow rate: 800 cfm (22.6 m3/min)
  • Liquid Feed: siphon feed through electric solenoid: 0.1 to 1.3 gph (0.3 to 4.9 lpm)
  • Motor: 1HP (0.75 KW) 115/208/230V, 60 Hz or 220V/50Hz TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled).
  • Permanently lubed bearings.  Washdown duty motors also available.
  • Manual Start-Switch: waterproof NEMA -3R
  • Nozzle: siphon type, all brass air-atomizing with adjustable flow rate (stainless steel available)
  • Air Compressor: air for nozzle fog generation, oiless and self-adjusting, diaphragm type, permanently lubed bearings
  • Blower Fan: horizontal discharge, 3.5″ X 4′ (89 X 101 mm) opening
  • Finish: Gray enamel over primer on steel
  • Crated for export: 125 pounds (57kg)

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