Fog-Fan is a Silver Winner of 2009 Dealer Design Awards

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excerpt on Silver Winner
by Cherie Preville, Air Conditioning | Heating | Refrigeration – the NEWS
July 13, 2009

award-article-fullThe FogFan-609 by Atomizing Systems Inc. is a circular, high-pressure, six-nozzle, air-driven fogging unit for adding humidity in areas where injection within an air handler or ceiling is not possible. The 1,700-cfm fan pushes droplets out for full evaporation, and there are check valves in each nozzle. The fan stops when the water shuts off.

It offers installation flexibility because it can be zoned for different areas with independent sensors and it’s suitable for clean rooms with all 316 stainless wetted components. Another installation feature it offers is that the units are ready to hand out of the box; no installer components are required. Each unit is equipped with fuse and high-pressure water valve for shut-down and start-up testing. It is easy to hang with three-point cable or chains. Any nozzle can be removed if the ceiling lights and columns interfere with spray pattern.

The fogging unit is particularly suited for low-ceiling applications (10 feet) for printing, newspaper, warehouses, manufacturing without wetting/dripping, said the company. Easy-to-use compression fittings and 1/2 inch OD stainless steel tubing are suitable for most installs. No compressed air noise is heard in retail applications.